Privacy Notice

  WorkWay Inc. (hereinafter referred to as WW) is committed to protecting the user’s privacy in compliance with all laws pertaining to confidential personal data by encrypting data to conceal the identity of each individual and government issued identification numbers assigned to them and making it impossible to recover the original information.
The privacy policy applies to all personal information collected through any transaction by WW, and the personal data collected from its employees and employment applicants. WW designates information security officer(s) to ensure personal information is appropriately managed by all parties, not only by its employees but also by its vendors/outside professionals.

Article 1: Personal data collection & its usage

  WW collects minimal necessary personal information for specific purposes with users’ informed consent. WW does not release collected information to a third party without users’ expressed consent.

Article 2: Compliance with confidentiality law

  WW complies with laws of Japanese government pertaining to confidentiality.

Article 3: Managing and safeguarding personal information

  WW takes reasonable precautions to prevent risks of unlawful release of or access to, destruction, loss, falsification of information. WW reviews its information security policies and procedures regularly and makes revisions as appropriate.

Article 4: Grievance and other inquiries and requests

  If the user requests to release, amend, add, or delete personal information, or to disclose the purposes for the use of personal information, to cease the use of personal information, WW will take reasonable steps to accommodate the request.
  For any grievance regarding personal information, please use the inquiry form.

Article 5: Management of information security systems

  The designated information security officer provides education and promotion regarding information security for WW employees, reviews and updates its policies and procedures.

Established: April/02/2018
Revised: October/22/2018
WorkWay Inc.

Privacy Policy

  WorkWay Inc. (hereinafter referred to as WW) publicly discloses its privacy policy as per its philosophy. Please see below for WW’s privacy policy.

1.Information Security Officer

  WW designates its information security officer. The information security officer oversees management of data collection, information access, usage and safeguarding.


  WW collects and safeguards personal information namely users’ names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, reasons for contact to provide appropriate services.
  The purposes of use of personal information are as follows:

1) To provide consultation and counseling
2) To provide Stress Check test
3) For quality assurance
4) For service inquiry

  WW safeguards service users’ sensitive protected information in accordance with laws and regulations pertaining to confidentiality. WW does not collect or use sensitive protected information nor release it to third parties without expressed consent by the user.
  Sensitive protected information includes:

  • Race, ethnicity, religion, social class
  • History of physical ailments, health insurance utilization, history of sexual activities
  • Criminal history, history of victimization
  • History of association with union or other organizations
  • Original residence, birth place
  • Other personal information that can be used for discrimination, prejudice, or any unfair treatment

<< WW employees and employment applicants >>

  WW uses employment applicants' information for the purposes of providing information regarding the hiring process and selecting the best candidate. WW does not use applicants' information for other purposes without their consent. Please note WW does not return documents submitted by applicants.
  Furthermore, once the applicant is hired, WW uses their information for the purposed of hiring process and other necessary employee processes. WW does not use employees' information for other purposes without their consent.

3.Release of information

  WW does not release collected personal information to third parties without the consent of the user. However, the below are the exceptions.

  • When deemed that the life of the user or a third party is in danger or when the user or a third party is in a serious violation of the law
  • When deemed that the user or a third party is possibly being abused or at risk of being abused
  • When the user expresses suicidal ideations and deemed that they have a high probability of carrying it out
  • When legally required

4.Safeguarding of information

  WW takes reasonable steps to manage security and safeguard collected information.

5.Disclosure of information to outside professionals

  WW may assign part of services to outside providers. WW shares collected personal information necessary to provide its services with them. Information is only disclosed with the user’s consent, and the disclosure is limited to minimal necessary to provide its services.

6.Request to release, amend, delete, cease use of information and fees

  WW takes reasonable steps in a timely manner to accommodate users’ requests to release, amend, delete, cease use of the user’s information. WW notifies the purposes of use of the information and the fees for release of information. Please use the inquiry form for any questions or inquiries.

7.Voluntary disclosure

  Users’ disclosure of information is voluntary. By declining to disclose information, WW may not be able to provide services, accept employment application, and may terminate the contract.

8.Website Visitor Log

  To understand how the website is used, WW maintains the log of its website access. The data is only collected and analyzed for the following purposes:

1)To understand how the website is used
2)To improve services
*To ensure security, WW may disclose the log to law enforcement.

< Use of coolies >
  WW website uses cookies to make the website user friendly. Users are able to block the use of cookies or receive warnings by changing the setting of the browser. Users are able to access majority of functions on the website without cookies. However, by declining the use of cookies, some services may become partially accessible or inaccessible.
* A cookie is a message given to a web browser by a web server. The browser stores the message in a text file. The message is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server.

9.Grievance and other inquiry

WW responds to any grievance and inquiry in a timely and appropriate manner. Please use the inquiry form for grievance and inquiry regarding information security.

Established: April/02/2018
Revised: May/28/2018
WorkWay Inc.